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High School
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    Education Standards

    Dairy Cattle Breeds

    Dairy Cattle Breeds


    This activity discusses the 7 most popular types of dairy cattle. 

    Instructional Plan


    Kaydie Brandl


    Intro to Ag


    Animal Science

    Lesson Title:

    Dairy cattle breeds

    Estimated Time:

    2 50 minute periods

    Est. age/number of learners:

    High school freshman

    Equipment, Supplies, References, and Other Resources:


    • Tear sheet
    • Sticky notes
    • Paper/pencil
    • Computer



    AFNR.HS.2.6.a Classify animals according to taxanomic classification systems and use.

    AFNR.HS.2.6.c Select and train animals for specific purposes and maximize performance based on anatomy and physiology.




    Instructor Directions & Estimated Time

    Set Induction

    Interest Approach:


    5 minutes

     KWL interest approach; use three tear sheets and label them K W L. The K  is what the students already know. The W  is what the students want to know. The L is what the students learn. Give students sticky notes and have them write and then go and post their note on the appropriate sheet. They should be writing what they know, want to know on the sticky notes. The L  will be done at the conclusion at the lesson.



    This will show the educator where students are lacking in their understanding or where they are confident in the subject.



    TLW: describe the characteristics of each of the seven most popular dairy cattle breeds. 



    Instructor Directions & Estimated Time

    Content Outline and/or Procedures

     Introduction: (Not an interest approach. How will you transition from set induction to lesson?) 10 minutes

     Watch the video and use as a deductive breakdown. Have the students reflect on what they learned by using the think pair share method. 

    Objective 1: (Copy and paste objective 1 from above)

     35 minutes

    TLW: describe the characteristics of each of the seven most popular dairy cattle breeds. 

    As the educator presents, students should be creating a flip book describing each of the seven breeds. Assessment questions are included in the presentation. 

    Once finished, students will create a 'Wanted' Poster about a breed of their choice that was discussed. Poster should include: 

    • Breed Name
    • Where breed originated from
    • Popularity of breed
    • Characteristics of the breed
    • Characteristics of the milk
    • 3 pictures (1 bull, 1 cow, 1 calf)

    Closure: (Summarize lesson/provide context to future instruction)

    10 minutes

    This includes end of class review and preview for future classes


    This can also be where you include essential questions.

    Refer back to the KWL boxes at the beginning of class. Ask students to re-evaluate this information, taking into consideration the knowledge they have. Ask students what statements they would modify or add to the list.