Khalid Bukhari
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Community College / Lower Division
  • Acceleration
  • Charge
  • Energy
  • Force
  • Momentum
  • Motion
  • Physics
  • Potential
  • Rotation
  • Velocity
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    Physics Lecture Videos


    These lecture videos were made from home during the pandemic when most classes went online. They cover most of Physics-1 (mechanics), and a few chapters of physics-2. 

    Subject: Physics 

    Level: Community College

    Material Type: Lecture

    Author: Khalid Bukhari

    Date Added: 09/17/2023


    Chapter-1: Measurements

    The four videos include:

    1-1: Introducing the subject of Physics (duration 9:04)

    1-2: Units of Measurement, Fundamental and Derived Units, Unit Conversions (duration 22:10)

    1-3: Dimensional Analysis (duration 14:14), and

    1-4: Significant Figures (duration 11:39)

    Chapter-2: Vectors

    This was originally made as Chapter 3 (based on another textbook), so that may be referenced in the text. The last topic on Vector Cross Product will hopefully be added when it is ready.

    This chapter has five videos on the following topics:

    2-1: Coordinate Systems, Vectors (duration 6:37)

    2-2: Vectors and Scalars, Drawing a Vector (duration 5:00)

    2-3: Properties of a Vector, and Vector Algebra (duration 10:47)

    2-4: Vector Components and Unit Vectors (duration 17:18)

    2-5: Dot Product of Vectors (duration 12:26).

    2-6: Cross Product (Yet to be made).

    Chapter-3: Motion Along a Straight Line

    The Seven videos include:


    3-2: Scalars and Vectors, Drawing a Vector  

    3-3: Properties of Vectors and Vector Algebra (addition, subtraction, multiplying by a scalar)  

    3-4: Vecotr Components and Unit Vectors  

    3-5: Dot Product of two vectors  

    3-6: Cross Product of two vectors (Not ready yet).


    Chapter-4: Motion in Two Dimensions

    The five videos include:

    4-1: Position, Velocity and Acceleration in Two-Dimensions. Equations of Motion in Two-Dimensions.

    4-2: Solved Examples. Projectile Motion.

    4-3: Example of Projectile Motion. Range and Max Height equations.

    4-4: Circular Motion  

    4-5: Relative Motion and Relative Velocity..

    Chapter-5: Laws of Motion

    The ten videos in this section include:

    5-1: Forces (contact and field forces), addition of forces (Duration 11:40)

    5-2: Inertial Frame of Reference (Duration 8:36)

    5-3: First and Second Laws of Motion (Duration 13:35)

    5-4: Example on second Law (Duration 7:10)

    5-5: Third Law of Motion (Duration 7:19)

    5-6: Conditions of Equilibrium (Duration 16:58)

    5-7: Examples for Inclined Surfaces (Duration 17:40)

    5-8: Friction (Duration 9:01)

    5-9: Examples on Friction-1 (Duration 11:11)

    5-10: Examples on Friction-2 (Duration 15:05)

    Chapter-7: Energy of a System

    7-1:  Energy and Work (Duration 7:38)

    7-2:  Solved Examples on Work (Duration 18:49)

    7-3:  Energy - Kinetic and Potential (Duration23:17)

    7-4: Work done by Friction (Duration 3:41)