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    Lesson plan: Christmas traditions around the world

    Lesson plan: Christmas traditions around the world


    The following lesson plan has been designed forfor 4th ESO students with a B1 level of English.

    The proposal of these online activities encourages the development of intercultural competence, collaborative work and gamification.

    How do we celebrate Christmas?

    Activity 1 - Discussion on the Topic

    The countdown for Christmas celebrations has started. How do you usually celebrate Christmas? What types of activities do you do? Do you like this celebration? Use the link given and visit Padlet and write an entry answering the questions (125 - 150 words).

    Activity 2 - Video Watching Activity

    Once you have exchange ideas with your classmates in Padlet, watch the video about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries of the world and answer some questions in Edpuzzle

    christmas around the world

    Now go back to Padlet and give your opinion to at least one of your classmate's traditions (150 - 200 words). Try to send make a comment to a person who has not received one.

    - Do you share anything in common?
    - Is there anything that surprised you?

    Activity 3 - Vocabulary

    Ready for a competition? The video contained many words related to Christmas traditions. Did you understand all of them? Check your comprehension by matching the following words to their meanings in Kahoot. Provide your answers in the forum by clicking on the link or scanning the following QR:

    Kahoot logo

    QR Kahoot