This course aims to increase understanding and knowledge of our food and fiber system, giving a starting point for students to explore pathways and occupations related to the agriculture industry, and gain hands-on experience learning basic agricultural practices. This curriculum, designed for eighth-graders, is intended to be student-led and inquiry-based.  Written by Emma Sunderman; Ice Cream in a Bag Lesson Plan by Caleb tenBensel; other activities developed and curated by Nebraska AFNR educators
Middle School
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Nebraska 2023 AFNR Content Standards:
AFNR.HS.20.6.a Classify major components of the plant industry.
AFNR.HS.20.6.b Classify plants according to life cycles.
AFNR.HS.20.6.c Identify the function of plant parts.
AFNR.HS.20.3.b Identify careers available in multiple AFNR Career Pathways.
AFNR.HS.20.3.c Determine common qualities of a specific career area
(e.g., educational requirements, work environment).
AFNR.HS.20.3.d Identify necessary steps to prepare for a specific AFNR careers
(coursework, post-secondary, needed skills).
AFNR.HS.20.9.a Define major sectors within the agribusiness industry
AFNR.HS.20.5.a Identify and summarize key terminology used in animal systems (e.g., heifer vs.
cow, bull vs. steer, calving, farrowing, bovine, equine).
AFNR.HS.20.5.d Classify the major components of production animal systems (e.g., feedlots,
cow-calf operations, farrow, finish) and regional distribution.
AFNR.HS.20.5.e Categorize uses for and products generated from production animals.



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