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    Advocating for my AEM Workbook

    Advocating for my AEM Workbook


    Advocating For My Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) is a workbook designed for students to use as they begin to learn to advocate for the accommodations and accessibility features they need in their educational programs. It applies common self-advocacy principles to the needs of students who use AEM in their daily educational programs. 

    Students and their support teams will find this guide useful when an assessment has been completed to establish the need for accessible educational materials, technology, and assistive technology. In creating this workbook, the authors have assumed that the student is already using their AEM in functional ways in their educational environments. Because students can start building self-advocacy skills as soon as they begin to use AEM, individual sections of the workbook may be useful as soon as students begin to learn to use AEM.

    Developed by the Oregon Technology Access Program AEM Cohort

    An AEM Guide for students to develop skills in advocationg for their AEM needs.


    Both a digital, fillable PDF and print versions are available.

    UPDATE: We have added a braille ready file, compliments of Northwest Regional Education Service District!