Amy Ripperger
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Lesson Plan
High School
  • Iowa K-12 E-Curriculum
  • Stereotypes
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    English, Spanish

    Spanish IV - Stereotype Discussion


    This is a lesson for students to discuss the different stereotypes they have or see in our world. 

    Stereotypes Discussion

    Students share any stereotypes on Padlet.

    Using Padlet, you will write down any stereotypes either you or someone else has. 

    Tug-of-War: After the Padlet, I choose a couple of stereotypes and students write on post it notes why they agree with it or disagree. Many write about how they believe the stereotype can into existence too. Then, I read each post it note and we discuss it. 

    Read the stereotype, on the board, and write (on a post it) whether or not you agree or disagree with it. Then place it on the correct side of the board. We will be discussing each one, so be able to defend your statement. 

    Discussion Board: Students may discuss specific stereotypes or stereotypes in general. I also have them discuss whether their opinions/thoughts have stayed the same or have changed. I give students choices, but let them decide what they want to write.

    1. On Canvas, click on the Discussion Board, Los estereotipos, and type your thoughts: What were the stereotypes that you had? Have they since changed after our discussion? Do you think stereotypes will ever disappear? 

    2. Once you have written your own thoughts respond to at least 2 classmates.