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    Evaluating Websites Using the CRAAP Test


    Students will use this website to learn more about the CRAAP Test and how to use it to evaluate websites.  Then, they will watch this video as a review.  Finally, they will complete an activity in which they find and evaluate two websites, one good and one bad.




    CRAAP Test Overview

    This activity can be completed with an in-class option or completely online.  If online, assign students to read through the graphic on their own.  If in class, students will complete a jigsaw activity.  To begin, count off students by the letters C-R-A-A-P.  For each time you spell CRAAP, give that group a number.  Students will need to remember the letter they are assigned as well as their group number.  Then, ask students to gather with the other students in the class who have the same letter.  Students will become "experts" on what their letter stands for.  Once students are in groups according to letter, they will read through this website and discuss as a group how they can quickly and accurately report what they know about this letter back to their classmates.  Next, students will change groups to their number group.  Students will take turns telling each other about the letter they learned about in the previous phase of the activity.  Other students can ask them questions if needed.  Finally, lead the class in a discussion about each letter to sum up their learning.

    Read this website to learn about the CRAAP test.

    CRAAP Test Video Review

    Next, students will watch this video to review what they have learned.  

    Watch this video to review what you have learned.  

    Putting the CRAAP Test to Use

    Finally, students will complete the attached activity to find one good and one bad website and evaluate them using the CRAAP test.  This works well if they already have a topic to research.  Otherwise, they can choose a topic or the teacher could guide students to research websites about a specific topic.  One guideline with this activity is that "good" and "bad" are relative terms.  If students are struggling to find a "bad" website, they can simply use a website that's not as good as the "good" website.  The important part of the assignment is to evaluate each part of the CRAAP test and explain their reasoning for each evaluation.

    Complete the attached activity.  Keep in mind that if finding "good" or "bad" websites is difficult for your topic, you only need to find websites that are "better" or "worse" than each other.  The evaluation portion is the important part of the assignment.