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Statistics and Probability
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Middle School
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    Practical probability exercises

    Practical probability exercises


    In this lesson is colected four practical exercises about probability. 

    Lesson is ready to use, but teachers should be prepared to add some extra information about this topic befor doing the lesson.


    In order to do this lesson, examine PPT file.

    Intro + theory (5 min)

    There are goal of the lesson + short thoery about probability.

    After that follows 4 tasks:

    1. Cards. (10-15min)

    Students should have deck of cards with them, they have to work in pairs and fill the worksheet about cards. If pupils do it fast enough, then there are some extra exercises for advanced students there are some tricky extra exercises, that can lead to some indepth discussion. If you are interested, you can share different probabilities of poker hands.

    Materials - printed worksheets "card exercise"; 

    Playing cards one deck per pair.

    2. Coin game (10 min)

    Pupils play a game with coins, in witch they all pick one of 3 different outcomes. In groups pupils toss the coins and write down results, in the conclusion, they decide which outcome will be most likelly and why.

    Materials - coins

    3. Island exercise (10-15 min)

    Pupils look at the intro of video then they make an educated guess who will win the competition. Pupils draw a table and mark possible outcoms, afterwards pupils figure out the real probability for each of the results.

    Materials - none

    4.Fast questions (5 min)

    Based on the previous exercise, pupils answer to short questions about different probabilities based on the roll of the dice.

    Materials - none

    End reflection (1 min)

    Pupils measure their understanding of the topic and mark this information on the axis. You can choose if they use initials or randomly picked signs.

    Materials - axis on paper or on drawed on the board.

    Go on, have fun with math!