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This particular Color, Symbol, Image (CSI) lesson is designed for implementation by an art teacher with 6th-grade students. However, the strategy can be utilized in other disciplines for the purpose of Making Thinking Visible. Parental consent was granted to share a student sample of the final product for this lesson, which is pictured above. The title card the 6th-grade student, Boston, created included the following description: "The sunrise in the painting represents the help and hope that Houston is getting. Also, the clouds are eyes, and the sun is a mouth. The face is crying. This represents my sympathy for Texas." Boston had selected "Rising floodwaters overwhelm Houston, other parts of Texas", the third option from Newsela provided in the Google Slides. The choices for articles can be updated each year prior to the activity.
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AEA Template for Building Lessons
Arts and Humanities, Visual Arts
Middle School
Grade 6
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