The Relationship Between Size & Price 2.0

Cost of Gummy Bears

Work Time

Cost of Gummy Bears

This table shows the cost of different types of gummy bears.

If you wanted to eat a lot of gummy candy, which package would you buy in order to get the most gummy bear for the least amount of money?

  • Use the information in the table and the videos to think about this problem.
  • Then use the problem-solving process to answer the question:
    • Understand the situation.
    • Represent the situation.
    • Answer questions about the situation.
    • Check that your answer makes sense.


  • Use ratios to help you organize the information from the videos. Make sure to include the appropriate units.
  • How can you find the number of each type of gummy bear that you can buy for $29.95? How can this information help you solve the problem?