The Relationship Between Size & Price 2.0

Make Connections

Performance Task

Ways of Thinking: Make Connections

As your classmates present:

  • Take notes about the different approaches and representations your classmates used to solve the problem.
  • Think about the problem-solving process. How did the process help you to answer this question?


As your classmates present, ask questions such as:

  • How did you use ratios to organize the information provided in the videos and the table?
  • How did finding the number of each type of gummy bear you could buy for $29.95 help you solve the problem?
  • How can you calculate the cost of 2,250 grams of each type of bear? How can this information help you solve the problem?
  • How can you use unit rates to help you solve this problem? Which rate is most useful—cost per bear or bears per dollar? Why?
  • How can you use the steps from the problem-solving process to ensure that your solution is complete?
  • Can you write a formula to represent this situation?
  • What are the variables in the problem? How are they related?
  • How did you decide what units to use? Why is it important to include the units?
  • Did you have any errors in your thinking? If so, what were they and how can you correct them?
  • Can you show this relationship graphically? If so, how could you use your graph to find the solution to the problem?