MS NGSS for Oregon OSP Module #3: Formative Assessment for Equity Tasks 1-7

What is Formative Assessment? Individual Work


Video Overview of OSP Module #3 Task 2

On Your Own:

Components: Two readings to skim and one reflective survey to prepare for Task #3 with a group.
Relevance: Building on your own understanding and experience with formative assessment.
Preparation: This individual work portion prepares you to engage in reflective dialogue with a small group in Task #3.

For the work in this module, it’s important that everyone is prepared to dialogue about formative assessment which requires we first build on our individual understanding of what formative assessment is as compared to summative assessment. Please engage with the two resources below and complete Survey #1 before you meet with your group for Task #3.

Link to Survey #1. 


Formative Assessment

Please skim this reading and look for the five attributes of formative assessment. Be ready to respond to each in Survey #1 at the end of this task. You will also be using this document for Task #3 with your team.




Please skim this reading and look for the definition of formative assessment presented on page 9. Keep this resource open on page 10 for your reference on Survey #1 at the end of this task. You will also be using this document for Task #3 with your team.



Please keep your resources open to complete before you work with a group in Task #3.

Anonymous responses from Survey #1 will be used for group work in Task #3.

Once you have completed Survey #1 you are ready to meet with your group and your facilitator. When you are assembled with your team, click on the right arrow below to go to Task #3 What is Formative Assessment? Group Reflection and Dialogue.