MS NGSS for Oregon OSP Module #3: Formative Assessment for Equity Tasks 1-7

How Can We Develop and Use Culturally Responsive Formative Assessments for NGSS? Individual Work

OSP '17-'18 NGSS4Oregon Module 3 Task 6 Overview

On Your Own:

Components: A single assignment to take three pictures to capture aspects of your life in preparation for Task #7.

Relevance: Continuing to build a shared understanding of formative assessment with a shift towards utilizing home lives and culture into the NGSS classroom via cultural formative assessment. 

Cultural Formative Assessment: Focus is on ways of knowing, doing, and being that are specific to science and other subjects. It presumes that students bring to the learning environment important knowledge, interests, and experiences from their daily lives that teachers must elicit and use to inform instruction.

Your Task 

Utilizing the camera on your phone, or another digital photography device please capture three different examples of your life and culture. You could also locate pictures on your phone or other device that represent these.

  1. An activity or item releated to how you take care of your health and wellbeing.
  2. A way that that you cool down or heat up food or drink at home. For this one please upload your photo to Google Draw and use text and other drawing tools to show what is happening when you cool off or heat up the material. 
  3. A group of learners or a learner that you are working with this year. This could be a photograph of your entire class, a picture of a couple of students, pictures of teachers you are working with, or even members of your family (including animals!). If you share pictures of students or teachers please be sure you have their permission to share with your team in this task.

You will be uploading all three of your photographs and sharing them with your team in Task #7 before you look at student examples of similar tasks and relate them to culturally responsive formative assessment. Your facilitator will provide you with a link and instructions here on the expectations of where to upload your pictures and the date that they are expected to be uploaded. Your photos should up uploaded before you meet with you team for Task #7.

Going Further (optional)

Interested in learning more about how this process of self documentation can support equity and inform formative assessment in the NGSS classroom? Head to STEM Teaching Tools Brief 31 and check out some of the links: How to launch STEM investigations that build on student and community interests and expertise

After uploading your pictures, you will next meet with your group and collaboratively complete the next task in real time. Once you are gathered with your team and ready to begin, click on the right arrow below to head to Task 7: How Can We Develop and Use Culturally Responsive Formative Assessments for NGSS? Group Reflection and Dialogue