MS NGSS for Oregon OSP Module #3: Formative Assessment for Equity Tasks 1-7

What Are Some High Leverage Practices for Formative Assessment in the NGSS Classroom?  Individual Work

OSP '17-'18 NGSS4Oregon Module 3 Task 4 Overview

On Your Own:

Components: One document with 27 specific high leverage practices to skim and one reflective survey to sprepare for Task #5 with a group.
Relevance: Building on your own understanding and experience with high leverage practices and how they support formative assessment in NGSS science for all students.
Preparation: This individual work portion prepares you to engage in reflective dialogue with a small group in Task #5.

Please open the resource below and then open Survey #2 before you meet with your group for Task #5. Be sure to skim the resource and take a look at the examples and nonexamples of the practices you choose on the survey.

A Resource for Equitable Classroom Practices (Equity Initiatives Unit - Office of Human Resources and Development - Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland)

SURVEY #2 here- Please complete several days before your Task #5 Group Dialogue is scheduled so that your facilitator can use your responses to prepare.

Once you have completed Survey #2 and you are assembled with your team, click on the right arrow below to go to Task #5 What are some high leverage practices for formative assessment in the NGSS classroom? Group Reflection and Dialogue.