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This report covers the development and uses of competencies, the programmatic foundation of CalSWEC's child welfare services effort for public child welfare graduate social work education. Competencies are developed to create a foundation of principles, goals, and learning objectives for public child welfare MSW students and outline what graduate social work specialists in child welfare need to know and be able to do in order to provide professional services to disadvantaged families and children. Part I describes the collaborative methods used to develop the competencies. Part II lists the actual competencies. Each competency includes an objective, a recommendation for the setting where the competency can best be learned (field/classroom), associated activities for use in the classroom and field, and suggested methods of student evaluation. Competencies have been used to: enhance collaboration between MSW programs and public agencies by providing a set of learning objectives for field placement contracts and a means for student evaluation, apply classroom learning to field practice, develop empirically-based curriculum, and develop curriculum for continuing education of public child welfare workers. (81 pages)Clark, S. J., & Dickinson, N. (1998).
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