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    Education Standards

    Author Study


    During this lesson, students will learn more about their favorite authors by researching them on the Internet and presenting to the class, school, and community. Students will learn biographical information about their authors, the inspiration behind their stories and identify their authors’ different styles of writing.  


    The process

    The teacher will facilitate the project by working with students during independent work time.  At times the teacher will work with students in small group or individually, as needed.  


    1.    Students will choose their favorite author to research with guidance from their parents and teachers.
    2.    Students will read at least 3 books by their author- provided by teacher or parents.
    3.    Students will complete find the given information about their authors with the help of their parents at home and teachers at school using computers, print outs and author's books.  
    4.    Students will write information found 1 fact per notecard in their own writing and spelling (following project guideline sheet).
    5.    Students will observe what they notice about the author's style (rhyming words or phrases, no words, words written in bold letters, speech bubbles, etc).
    6.    Students will use given notecards to create trifold display boards with their information and pictures and graphics.
    7.    Students will include a section on display board for 'author's style'.
    8.    Students will participate in a round robin style project presentation for school and parents.