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Many GED/ESL students have a lapse in education.  As a result, the concept of fractions is a difficult task to teach to the adult learner. This OER will give the student the basic introduction to the concept of fractions.  Gaining confidence the student can move on to higher level mathematics.
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Intro to Fractions
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Mary Mullen on Jun 08, 01:01pm

Most adults conceptualize "fractions", but are discouraged by the complexity of all the rules regarding adding, subtracting, and simplifying fractions. This introduction does a nice job of visualizing these processes for students.

Sharon Shoemaker on Jun 07, 05:43pm

These are wonderful resources. I would have loved more explanation on your part, but I was able to work with all resources. I didn't see how these were translated into other languages.

diane orecchio @Sharon Shoemaker on Jun 07, 07:01pm

The last resource has a link to engage ny. If you scroll down the page, you can see other languages. It is a great resource for newcomers.

Mary Mullen on Jun 05, 03:48pm

The second iresource, "Student Practice Interactive for Naming Fractions" appears twice on this curriculum guide. It should probably be used only AFTER "Naming of Fractions."

diane orecchio @Mary Mullen on Jun 06, 08:59am

Thank you! I made the change.

Marcus Hall on Jun 02, 09:52pm

Important topic to focus on. -- lesson can be improved by providing a written plan for how best to pedagogically use these resources. Not practical to simply have students jump from one website to another but perhaps identify which resources is best considering the specific objective of the class.


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