Design your own Periodic Table

Design your own Periodic Table


This activity is set as an introduction to the periodic table.  

Students will be organizing and categorizing objects or ideas of their own choosing.


Periodic Table of WHAT??

Students will pick a subject and come up with 15-20 different examples of the topic.  Example) candy bars.

The students then need to pick 2-3 different characteristics of the candy and write those characteristics on the paper.

Students will then cut out the cards and organize the different topics based on two different characteristics.  The goal is for students to possibly organize up and down and side to side.  

Students will build an electronic example of their periodic table, and then answer the analysis question.  

**How students organize their periodic table is less important as their ability to justify the organization.

Collect a sheet of card stock and build a 4x5 grid on the paper so you have 20 squares.  DO NOT CUT OUT.


Choose a topic where you can have 20 different examples of the topic.  Example) Candy or Cars


Write the name of the examples at the top of each square.

Pick 3 different characteristics to then write in each square.


Once you have added the characteristics of each topic to the square you can now cut out the squares.


Take the cards and organize them into ways where you can have similar characteristics in one line or changing characteristics.

You need to be able to explain and justify how the examples are arranged.  You can arrange the topics however you want, just need to be able to  justify the arrangement based on characteristics.


Using either a doc with a table or a spreadsheet, make your periodic table adding pictures of each one and hand in the following questions to the tray.


What trends did you see in the properties to organize your table?


Are there any gaps in your periodic table and what might go into that gap?


If you added another column at the end of the table what would go into it?