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During this problem-based blended learning module students will be designing their dream bedroom as well as creating a scale drawing of the items they chose to be in their bedroom.  The launch activity introduces the students to Scale City, which is a video that explores scale models in the real world. Students are then given dimensions for a fictional bedroom to furnish with items of their choosing. Price is not considered in this module, but a budget could be introduced as an extension of the module.  Students will then spend time researching items that they would want to place in their bedroom with the area constraints given. Students will have the opportunity to provide each other peer feedback on their bedroom designs.  Once students have a rough idea of their bedroom design, they will spend some time creating a scale drawing of their bedroom on graph paper. This will give students the opportunity to use a scale factor to create a scale drawing. Students will again be provided feedback on their designs and be given time to reflect and redesign as needed.  If students need extra time to practice using a scale factor and creating scale models, a station rotation lesson has been included as an optional resource.
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