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G7-G9 Learning English is the first learning English program​ developed to enable the users of Android Smart phone and Tablets (teachers, students, parents and other English learners) to get the documents for their teaching and learning without any charge. This program is produced for the purpose to provide equal opportunity to the English learners both in city and rural. G7-G9 Learning English includes the documents related to English curriculum from Grade 7-9 of Ministry of Education Youth and Sport such as Audios of "English is Fun" (EiF) programs from Grade 7-9, Textbooks, Teacher's Guide Books, Sample lesson plans, Audios of tapescripts for English Grade 7-9, Video demonstration lesson and so on. All English learners can download EiF program for self study purpose only. This program under the copyright of BBC Media Action, is not allowed to distribute for the profitable purpose. Those who breach the copyright will be legally responsible. G7-G9 Learning English co-produced by Ministry of Education Youth and Sport and Education Support Center "KIZUNA" based on the fund from The Nippon Foundation.Get Android app here: E-books:English is Fun Book 1English is Fun Book 2English is Fun Book 3English is Fun Book 4English is Fun Book 5English is Fun Book 6English Grade 7 (Teacher's Guide Book English | Khmer)English Grade 8 (Teacher's Guide Book English | Khmer)English Grade 9 (Teacher's Guide Book English | Khmer)Download Audios:English is Fun: Grade 7English is Fun: Grade 8English is Fun: Grade 9English Grade 7
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Middle School
Grade 7, Grade 8
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