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    Name of Student Teacher:  Edna Trujillo, Stefany Osorio, Karen Lesmes, Karen Rivera and Jenifer Barragan

    School / Institution: Institución educativa promoción social

    Date: September 20, 2018.                        Clase / Grado: Third Grade             Time and length of class: 2 hours

    Achievement: The topic ‘’Parts of the human body’’ will be teach in real context while Ss are interacting at the same time. Students will be able to identify body parts and named them in a real life situation. 

    National Standard:
    -Listening: Reconozco cuando me hablan en inglés y reacciono de manera verbal y no verbal
    -Speaking: Participo activamente en juegos de palabras y rondas.
                       Refuerzo con gestos lo que digo para hacerme entender.
                       Uso gestos y movimientos corporales para hacerme entender mejor.
    - Writing: Escribo el nombre de lugares y elementos que reconozco en una ilustración.

    Lesson objectives (at the end of the class Ss will be able to):
    Ss will identify where some specific parts of the human body belong to.
    Ss will have the ability to use parts of their bodies.

    Skills Focus:  Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

    Resources and materials: Video beam, computer 

    Language Focus: Parts of the human body.

    Foreseeable Problems:
    -Lack of students’ interest.
    -Ss become dependent on the teacher.
    -Ss using their native language in class.

    Planned Solutions:
    -The ST is going to use gestures and sounds to catch students’ attention.
    -The ST is going to give the Ss positive encouragement to answer even if they are not correct.
    -The ST gives them some questions that might help them if they want to ask something.


    Colombian ICT framework for teachers

    • Identifico las características, usos y oportunidades que ofrecen herramientas tecnológicas y medios audiovisuales, en los procesos educativos.

    • Combino una amplia variedad de herramientas tecnológicas para mejorar la planeación e implementación de mis prácticas educativas.

    • Incentivo en mis estudiantes el aprendizaje autónomo y el aprendizaje colaborativo apoyados por TIC.

    • Identifico mis necesidades de desarrollo profesional para la innovación educativa con TIC.

    • Utilizo redes profesionales y plataformas especializadas en el desarrollo de mis investigaciones.

    Previous, 15 minutes

    The ST gives them a short introduction about the topic by asking questions to check their prior knowledge. After that, ST is going to give instructions about a game that will keeping in mind their prior knowledge and will add more knowledge while they are having fun and paying attention to the English class.


    At the begging of the English class, the Ss (students)  will be divided into groups and ask for one volunteer from each set. The volunteer will need to stand in the middle of their group while the other children will pick up a body part flash card with a word and stick them to the volunteers clothes or body.

    While, 50 minutes

    • The first activity in the “while” can be develop in a classroom if the computer room is not available, as a plan B: The ST is going to play a song in the CD player, and when the music starts, the children must dance around the room, when the ST stops the music, put up a body flash card, or just yell out the vocabulary. Then the children must find a partner and touch the appropriate body part on the other child for example, * Hands - touch palms of hands together and sit down. However, if the Ss are in lab, the ST is going to project a video song and Ss should practice by listening and singing.

    • For the next activity, ST will give a sheet of paper to each student to draw and if there are computers each one will do it in an application called "Sketchpad". When they are done drawing, ST will ask them how many limbs he has, always remembering to use the body parts in English to review them.

    • Finally, in the last activity, ST will show them the game called "Memory Game", where they will be playing it. This activity is amazing for their brains because it will help them to improve their memory and they will learn the vocabulary through listening, word recognition, reading and spelling. While they picture is being shown too.

    The Ss will receive an explanation about the topic. Then they are going to listen to an audio with the pronunciation of each of the words and  they are going to watch a video song. After that, Ss are goin to do this activity called: Make your own monster!. In this activity, Ss have to draw his own monster with as many arms, heads, eyes and legs as they want. You can color it later and give it a name. At the end of while Ss are going to play a Memory Game. 

    Post, 30 minutes

    ST is going to divide the classroom in two groups to play some games related to the content taught in class, in order to review and check their knowledge and what they have learned. The games that will be played are:
    Our body
    Canon Volley Sea Battle

    • In the first activity called "Our Body" the Ss are going to make two groups, to play it they must have clear the vocabulary seen in class. Each group will have an opportunity to come and locate a part of the body. The group with the most correct answers wins,

    • After that, the Ss will play the game called "Canon Volley Sea Battle", where they will have the opportunity to choose the word that matches the picture.


    Assessment section

    In this section, the Ss will be evaluated, what they have learnt in the whole class. The ST will check their knowledge through a crossword worksheet, where they have to match the words to the correct picture to complete it and find a secret message.

    • What the Ss have to do in this section is to complete the crossword worksheet that the ST will give them.  They will have some pictures and words of the parts of the body. The Ss just have to match the word to the correct picture. At the end, when they are done they would find a secret message.