Kallam McKay
Elementary Education, Biology
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Lesson Plan
Lower Primary
K, 1, 2
  • Animals
  • Biology
  • Note Directions
  • Note-taking
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    Education Standards

    Animal Note Taking Skills


    Students will read an article on animals. Using the provided worksheet students will take notes on an animal of their choosing. Once they have taken notes, they will be asked to write a new report on their animal. 

    Group Read Aloud

    With projector or individual computers use PebbleGo to lookup an animal of the class's choice.

    Today we will be researching different animals. Together we will look at Red Pandas. Follow the link to view the PebbleGo article on Red Pandas. 


    Gather Information

    After reading the article the entire class will work towards filling out this information. As needed, provide instruction and different wording so students aren't writing entire sentences into boxes. 

    Together, we will complete the following worksheet. Our aim is to gather as much information as possible, without writing down every single word.

    On your own!

    You may use the suggested animals, or allow students to choose their own. If choosing their own I recommend allowing them to color or draw a picture of that animal to allow for some creativity. 

    This section of the lesson can be done in small groups or individually. 

    Now that you have an idea of how to take notes efficiently, you get to research your own animal!

    Use PebbleGo to research the animal and take notes on your animal. 

    What did you learn?

    Students will now write their own paragraphs about the animals. It is important to take away access to the article they were using to research, otherwise, they will just copy what is already written. The goal is to form new sentences based on their note-taking. 

    Students may present their findings to the class, or a display may be created. 

    Now that you have taken notes you may close your computers for the rest of the lesson. 

    Using your note worksheet write a new paragraph telling others about that animal. Use complete sentences!