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In this project-based learning unit, students take responsibility for their learning through active, hands-on engagement, while the teacher acts as a facilitator.  Students will learn about ocean garbage patches, the cause, its impact, recycling, and solutions to reduce them. Students will share what they learned to help raise awareness of this environmental issue and promote recycling by creating posters for their school and writing scripts to be read during morning announcements. This project requires background knowledge and understanding of the water cycle and the importance of the ocean to the water cycle.  Students should know how to use email and some digital format for presentations.
Environmental Science, Environmental Studies
Upper Primary
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Jennifer Van Allen on Feb 03, 07:44pm

This learning unit plan truly engages students in deep, meaningful learning. Not only are students learning about climate change, a timely and important topic for our environment, but they are also developing invaluable and essential 21st skills. In this unit, students will be required to research and integrate multiple sources of information as they write an informational report and class presentation. This supports not only reading and writing skills, but also speaking and listening skills. All of this work builds to students collaboratively creating digital texts and sharing them widely within the school. We all want our students to be good citizens within the school. The project described in this learning unit encourages youth civic participation within a global community, going beyond what many aspire to. I'm so excited to see this unit implemented within different communities to see how students personalize their projects for their own communities. Well done!



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