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    Anatomy & Physiology 2 Resources

    Anatomy & Physiology 2 Resources


    Teaching and learning resources for A&P 2.  Please check back as I intend to add more.  

    Video Lectures for A&P 2

    This is a compilation of video lectures used in my A&P 2 courses.  Some videos were made by me; others were acquired from youtube, Khan Academy, and other instructors.  Some videos may include "embedded questions"; my students often use these as a study tool, but I do not have an answer key to share (sorry!).

    Kahoot Reviews for A&P 2

    I use Kahoots in class as a fun way to review with students and/or check understanding on a video homework assignment.  I also share the links with them at the end of class.  A little competition usually creates a lively environment!  I've also included the excel files that correspond to these links, so you can remix questions as suits your course.  Then, you can do a batch upload of all questions at once to Kahoot.  I suggest you play through yourself to double check answers before playing with students.

    • Review of Key A&P 1 Concepts:
    • Cardiovascular System-Blood:
    • Cardiovascular System-The Heart:
    • Cardiovascular System-Blood Vessels:
    • Lymphatic System:
    • Immune System (limited to       ):
    • Respiratory System:
    • Fluids & Electrolytes:


    Notes for A&P 2

    As you'll see, I started teaching A&P with powerpoints associated with the Marieb A&P text.  Over the years, I've integrated more and more resources (e.g. pictures, links to articles and studies, graphics).  Notes are always a work in progress for me.  These are samples of my notes, so remix away!

    Lab Manual: Supplemental Materials

    For instructors:  I also have lab assignments that are, for the most part, self grading and lab practicals built on pools of questions.  If you're interested in these, please email me ( from a verifiable instructor account.

    For everyone:  The "Supplemental Lab Manual"  contains the following supplemental materials:  

    • a study guide for each lab (the objectives)
    • weblinks for a plethora of website where students can practice lab content
    • weblinks for many videos to help students review lab content
    • "practice documents" at the end which are pictures of models and other lab content formatted similar to a lab practical; you can always add or delete arrow or letters as you see fit
      • I've also uploaded the individual "practice" documents as well for easier viewing

    For instructors:  I have most of this information formatted into Lab Modules (as pages ans quizzes in Canvas).  If you'd like the Canvas pages, please email me (, so I can send you a Canvas download.