Barbara Soots, Dennis Small
Educational Technology
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    OSPI Continuous Learning - Technology Policy Considerations

    OSPI Continuous Learning - Technology Policy Considerations


    This document provides guidance about issues related to using videoconferencing to support continuous learning and student data privacy and  online safety.

    OSPI is pleased to share with you these “Considerations and Policy Issues for Continuous Learning, in the hope that these will help to inform your work in the coming months. We have tried to balance brevity with addressing key issues of concern and providing links to external resources for additional information. Our intent is to provide some clarity about what issues need to be addressed at the local level. As noted in the guidance, districts are encouraged to seek the assistance of their own counsel for legal questions, and to follow their established processes for evaluating technology tools and applications for instructional use.

    Topics addressed in this document include:

    • Using Videoconferencing to Support Continuous Learning
    • Recording Videoconferences
    • Permission to Record
    • Using Videoconferencing/Webinars for Open Public Meetings
    • Student Data Privacy Considerations
    • Student Safety Considerations
    • Advice from a Washington online educator with 10 years' experience on continuous learning
    • Additional Guidance on Continuous Learning Communications

    Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay