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This module was created in response to an observed need by BranchED and the module authors for efforts to increase the recognition, adaptation, and use of open educational resources (OER) among pre- and in-service teachers and the faculty who work in educator preparation programs. The module's purpose is to position teacher educators, teacher candidates and in-service teachers as empowered content creators. By explicitly teaching educators about content that has been licensed for re-use and informing them about their range of options for making their own works available to others, they will gain agency and can make inclusive and equity-minded decisions about curriculum content. The module provides instructional materials, resources, and activities about copyright, fair use, public domain, OER, and visual literacy to provide users with a framework for selecting, modifying, and developing curriculum materials.
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Patrick Ianniello on Jul 07, 09:11pm

The module comprehensively achieves the objective in providing pre-service and in-service teachers the background knowledge, tools and experience in helping them to understand the scope and resources of OER. The quality of explanation of subject matter concerning Educator Copyright and Fair Use, Creative Commons, and Open Education Resources is strong. and gives much opportunity for deeper learning. Even though there are no cited applicable aligned standards that could, the reference to the Achieve Standards, can encourage the learner to apply them in assessing their own OER resources. The quality of the instructional and practice exercises through Focus Questions can be utilized both by the instructor of the learner for self-paced self-assessment.




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