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This lesson will allow students to select and share what details are important on a topic.  Groups of students will research a topic and then discuss and determine the top 25 important things someone should know about the topic.
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B Manker
on Feb 25, 02:31pm Evaluation

Quality of Instructional and Practice Exercises: Limited (1)

This lesson presumes extensive background knowledge with using rubrics as assessment tools, note-taking, and methods of online research.

B Manker on Feb 25, 02:23pm

Students are asked to compile a list of "Things I Didn't Know" about a topic while researching but no number of facts is specified in the lesson plan. However, later on the students are asked to share their five facts to the group in order to compile a group list of 25 facts about a topic.

25 facts may be too many for some students, so it's up to the discretion of the teacher to modify this task as necessary. This lesson is more suited to classes who have extensive note-taking and online research experience. Certainly younger students or those who have little experiencing conducting online research must be guided through the process. Whole class work is recommended for this.

Is the group presentation rubric for self-assessment, for the audience, or for the teacher?




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