Josh Battern
Cultural Geography, Political Science
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Middle School
  • Immigration
  • Push and Pull
  • Refugee
  • Syria
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    Education Standards

    Immigration Lesson


    1 Day Lesson to introduce students to push and pull factors as to why people migrate. 

    Iowa Core Standards



    SS.7.21. Evaluate the push and pull factors involved in human population movement and patterns.


    Learning Targets


    I can explain why people leave a place.

    I can explain why people come to a place.


    Task #1 - Think-Pair-Share:

    Resources Needed: None

    Prior Knowledge Needed: Pull Factors, Push Factors, Migrate

    Task #2 - Syrian Refugee Activity:

    Resources Needed: Internet Access, notebook, pencil,

    Prior Knowledge Needed: Location of Syria, Definition of Refugee

    Task #3 - Reflection:

    Resources Needed: Paper, pencil

    Prior Knowledge: None

    Task #1 - Think-Pair-Share:

    List 4 examples of push and pull factors that would encourage people to migrate. Partner with a peer to compare your answers. Share your with the whole class.

    Task #2 - Syrian Refugee Activity:

    Navigate the internet to . Follow the journey of a hypothetical refugee. As you follow the program, take notes of what obstacles you and your fellow refugees come across.

    Task #3 - Reflection:

    Using your notes write a 2 paragraph reflection. The first paragraph should explain what obstacles do you think were the greatest to you on your journey. The second paragraph should explain how you felt when seeing the obstacles that real refugees have to try to overcome.