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    Education Standards

    Writing Sentence Types

    Writing Sentence Types


    The attached lesson plan is designed for 3rd grade writing students. Students will write a variety of complete sentences and sentence types using correct grammar conventions. This lesson plan addresses the following NDE Standards: 3.2.1.d, e, f


    Feel free to differentiate this lesson in any way you seem fit for your classroom.

    NE.LA 3.2.1.D 

    Learning Domain: Writing

    Compose paragraphs with grammatically correct sentences of varying length, complexity, and type.

    NE.LA 3.2.1.E

    Learning Domain: Writing

    Revise to improve and clarify writing through self-monitoring strategies and feedback from others.

    NE.LA 3.2.1.F

    Learning Domain: Writing

    Provide oral and/or written descriptive feedback to other writers.


    Anticipatory Set

    The teacher will have the students watch this video to learn about the four types of sentences:

    4 types of sentences Silly School Song

    When the teacher is done showing this video, they will ask the students to discuss what they learned with a partner. Ask a couple students to share what they learned with the class.


    The teacher will write 4 sentences on the board:

    - I have a basketball game tonight.

    - Please come and watch me play.

    - Will you come to my game?

    - We won the game!

    The teacher will do a think-aloud to the class and label the sentences with the correct type of sentence.

    The teacher will then write four more sentences on the board, one of each type of sentence. The students will discuss with a partner what type of sentence each sentence is.

    - I just finished reading that book.

    - Have you ever read this book?

    - Read this amazing book!

    - This is the best book I have ever read!

    Once the students have discussed, select four volunteers to come up and label the sentences.


    Writing Sentence Types On Your Own

    The teacher will have the students write a paragraph focused on a topic of your choice, and include one of each of these sentences: declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory. The students will label and/or color-code their paragraphs.

    When the students have finished writing their paragraphs, they will trade paragraphs with a classmate and read their classmate's paragraph. They will give feedback to their peer.

    The teacher can have a few students share their paragraphs if they would like before turning them in.