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    Education Standards

    Book Club

    Book Club


    Students will participate in Book Club by choosing groups of 3-5 students and a book at their reading level according to their interest, or the subject currently being studied.  They will decide together how to split the book into three or more sections to finish in four weeks or less.  They will prepare and write out a discussion role for each meeting (Word Wizard, Connector, Summarizer, Questioner, or Passage Person).  This plan is written for either in class, blended, or remote learning.

    Choose a book and two partners for a group of three people

    Choose a grade level appropriate book at your reading level.  Below are some online sources for finding a book, or you can choose your own source from school or home.  Submit your book choice and partners for teacher approval. 

    Nebraska Golden Sowers or Nebraska Reading Classics books at your level are always good choices.  You can find ebooks or often audiobooks in Overdrive (see the link below) if you have a library account at your local library.  Your local library can help you get set up.


    OverDrive | Rakutan                                                                                        Audience: all ages

    Enjoy ebooks and audiobooks free through your local public library or school. Available on computers, laptops, some Kindle ereaders, and the Libby app for many mobile devices. Requires a library card. Most libraries have an online application in order to get digital access.


    More free reading options for all Pre K - 12 students in the next link:

    Sites include access for English learners as well as students with reading barriers. Opportunities are highlighted for online reading, downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, apps to read content on smartphones/tablets, and read aloud stories for a variety of learners.


    This resource contains links to websites operated by third parties. These links are provided for your convenience only and do not constitute or imply any endorsement or monitoring by OSPI. Please confirm the license status of any third-party resources and understand their terms of use before reusing them.


    Planning a timeline to finish your book and Meeting with your Group (5.3.1.a&b, 5.3.2.a)

    1.  With your partners, split the book into three or more manageable sections that allow you to finish reading and discussing the book in the next four weeks.

    2. After reading a section, you will choose one 'ROLE' to write about your reading and prepare to share with you group when you meet.  You must complete AT LEAST three of these roles and meet with your group a minimum of three times.  You need to be prepared for each meeting according to the timeline you agreed upon. While you could all choose the same Role for the same section of the book, your meetings will be more interesting if you choose different roles. These roles are explained further on the next slides:

    • Word Wiizard
    • Connector
    • Summarizer
    • Questioner
    • Passage Person

    3. You MAY NOT read ahead of your group and give the book away when you meet.

    4. You must finish the book in four weeks unless you get a later due date approved by the teacher.  Meetings with your group will be given in class or Zoom breakout rooms.

    5.  Fill out this timeline for your group and give a copy to the teacher.

    6.  Turn in your writing for the role you choose after each meeting.  They will be graded according to the instructions given for each role.

    7. When you meet, the person sharing at the moment is also the leader for that moment.  Use polite conversation and make sure everyone is listening and sharing in the discussion.



    Word Wizard Role (NE LA 5.1.5.b, c, d, e)

    If you choose this role, your job is to search for FIVE OR MORE special words in the story to share and explain to the group.  These words can be words that are new, interesting, funny, different, important, or exciting.  When you find a word, write it down along with the page number you found it on - sticky notes might help mark them.  Then use your book, a dictionary or thesaurus, or the internet to help you find the meaning of the word.  You need to fill in this Word Wizard Worksheet or use another paper including all this info from worksheet for each word:

    1. Word
    2. Page Number
    3. Sentence that explains the meaning
    4. Examples (synonyms)
    5. Non-Examples (antonyms)
    6. Illustration of what the word means to the story

    You can use these unknown word strategies to help you find the meaning:

    Unknown Word Strategies

    Be prepared to share and explain your worksheet of words with your group.


    Connector Role (NE LA 5.1.6.h & l)

    Connector Role


    If you choose Connector, you need to make at least one of EACH type of connection from the section of the book you read.  Be sure to write a good description of the part of the text you are connecting along with a good description of how your own life, another text, and the world are similar.  You should have 2-3 sentences for each connection.

    1. text to self
    2. text to text
    3. text to world

    Summarizer Role (NE LA 5.1.6.d)



    If you choose the Summarizer, your summary should be at least 6 descriptive sentences that include the information listed above.

    Questioner Role (NE LA 5.3.1.e)


    If you choose Questioner, your questions should be questions you can discuss to add to your understanding or share your opinions and feelings, not questions you can find in the book.  You should write AT LEAST 3 questions your group can discuss when you meet.  You should also write YOUR ANSWERS on your paper to turn in. These questions and answers should be finished before you meet. 

    Other good questions might be "Would you have chosen to escape the hospital instead of being treated by the doctor, and why or why not?  Ask for opinions or predictions - things you can't answer by looking directly in the book.

    Passage Person Role (NE LA 5.1.6.k)

    Passage Person


    If you are the Passage Person, choose one or more passages of the section of the book you have read according to the instructions above.  You need to include the page or pages the passage is on.  You need to write 6-8 complete sentences completely explaining why you chose your passage or passages.