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    Literary Devices Rock

    Literary Devices Rock



    The attached Lesson Plan is designed for Grade 7 English Language Arts students. Students will be reminded of the different literary devices by listening and watching a video that has a catchy beat. Students will then show what they know with 10 lines of poem which includes literary devices. If they are still uncertain of all the devices, another video is available to them to watch. The last section gives them the opportunity to look for literary devices being used by the author in Freak the Mighty. When students become aware of these devices, they will write them down, label them, and then explain how the device made the reading better. This Lesson Plan addresses the following NDE Standard: NE LA 7.1.6.c

    It is expected that this Remote Learning Plan will take students 90 minutes to complete.

    Introduction to Literary Devices

    Watch and listen to the youtube video on Literary Devices.

    Literary Devices are Like Foods with Spices


    Literary Practice with Poetry

    Literary Devices CFU

    Directions: Number your google document 1 - 10 and answer the following questions and share.  If you need more of an understanding of these terms, watch the attached video. 


    1.  The organs were screaming shrill.

     a.  simile      b.  metaphor      c.  hyperbole    d.  personification

    2.  Chicago is a city that is fierce as a dog with tongue lapping for action.

     a.  hyperbole      b.  metaphor     c.  simile             d.  onomatopoeia

    3.  She soothed her secret sorrow.

    a.  hyperbole      b.  alliteration        c.  metaphor             d.  simile

    4.  Silver bells!... How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle in the icy air of night.

     a.  simile     b.  hyperbole      c.  onomatopoeia        d.  personification

    5.  He answered her he knew not what: / Like shaft from bow at random shot

     a.  simile      b.  personification         c.  hyperbole             d.  metaphor

    6.  Chant in a wail / that never ever halts

     a.  alliteration     b.  simile          c.  personification        d.  hyperbole

    7.  The road was a ribbon on moonlight / over the purple moor

     a.  simile        b.  metaphor         c.  onomatopoeia       d.  hyperbole

    8.  My stomach growled with hunger for the meal in front of me.

    a.  simile       b.  metaphor     c.  personification        d.  alliteration


    9.  And I will return, my love, / even if it were a million miles

      a.  personification     b.  onomatopoeia      c.  hyperbole         d.  simile

    10. She was set on serving spaghetti.

     a.  onomatopoeia      b.  hyperbole     c.  personification     d.  alliteration





















    Literary Devices in Freak the Mighty: Give me FIVE!

    Obviously, this assignment can be done with any really good book. 

    As you read the first three chapters of Freak the Mighty, be aware of the many literary devices used throughout this great book. In your Freak the Mighty section of your binder, please write down five different literary devices of the many devices the author used, label the device and explain how each device made the reading better.