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    Education Standards

    Fitness UNO

    Fitness UNO


    Added fitness twist to the classic UNO card game

    Fitness UNO

    Lesson Topic: Fitness UNO

    Lesson Description: Added fitness twist to the classic UNO card game.

    Learning Goals/Outcomes: Students will work with peers to successfully complete the game 

    Nebraska Standards:
    PE.K.3.2.a Participates in physical activity in physical education class.
    PE.1.3.2.a Engages in physical activity in physical education class.
    PE.2.3.3.a Recognizes the use of own body weight as resistance (e.g., plank, animal walks) for developing strength
    PE.2.4.4.a Recognizes the importance of rules and etiquette in teacher-designed physical activities
    PE.3.3.2.a Engages in physical activity in physical education class with teacher prompting
    PE.3.4.4.a Practices adherence to rules and etiquette in physical activity with peers
    PE.4.3.2.a Engages in physical activity in physical education class without teacher prompting
    PE.4.4.4.a Exhibits etiquette and adherence to rules in a variety of physical activities
    PE.5.3.2.a Engages in both teacher-directed and independent physical education class activities
    PE.5.4.4.a Critiques the etiquette involved in various game activities
    PE.6.3.2.a Participates in a variety of body weight strength and endurance fitness activities

    Teacher Planning: Explain the rules of UNO

    Equipment/Materials Needed: UNO cards

    Time Required for Lesson: 10 minutes-50 minutes 

    Diagram/Setup: See attached

    Technology Use:

    _____ YES               __X___NO

    Instructional Plan:

    Follow the regular rule of the card game UNO with some fitness twist included. Each color has an exercise that is to be completed after the card is played. The number on the card is the number of reps that should be completed. The person playing the card is who should complete the fitness activity
    Red- Jumping Jacks
    Green- Burpees
    Yellow- Push-ups
    Blue-Sit ups

    Special cards have their own exercises to be completed after the card is played. When these cards are played the person who played the card is to do the exercise. 

    Draw 2- 10 Lunges
    Skip- Run in place until your next turn
    Reverse- Air squat until it’s your next turn
    Regular Wildcard- The person playing the card decides what activity the player of their choosing does. The player chosen must do 5 reps
    Wildcard +4- Everyone except for the person playing the card must do 5 reps of each fitness activity (Jumping Jacks, Sit ups, Pushups and Burpees)

    Fitness UNO can be played solo as well

    1. Shuffle the deck
    2. Start a stopwatch or timer when the first card is fliped over
    3. Flip each card of the deck and perform the activity until the cards run out
    *Solo special cards

    Draw 2- 10 lunges
    Skip-Run 1 lap around the room
    Reverse- 15 air squats
    Regular wildcard- Get a drink
    Wildcard +4- 1 round of 5 jumping jacks, 5 sit ups, 5 pushups & 5 burpees

    Activity:  Can be played in a classroom during indoor recess, or in a limited space physical education setting

    Modifications:  Change exercises up. Change who does the activity (person to the right or left)

    Safety Precautions: Design the exercises for the students to be able to safely complete.