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    Washington OER Hub - Resource Submission Criteria

    Washington OER Hub - Resource Submission Criteria


    For OSPI content area teams or their collaborating educators.

    This guidance is for creating resources in the Washington OER Hub Working Groups or curating resources to include in the Washington OER Hub Continuous Learning Collections.

    Resource Criteria and Submission Guidelines

    Who Submits Resources to the Washington OER Hub?

    Working groups

    OSPI staff, grantees, collaborating educators, representatives from AESD or other partner organizations

    Continuous Learning Collections

    OSPI staff or designate

    What are the Resource Criteria?

    The following guidance applies when deciding what resources to submit to the Washington OER Hub working groups or learning collections.

    Permitted Use (License Type)

    Resource must be ONE of the following:

    • Openly licensed (see Open Licensing Checklist)
    • Public domain
    • Free online viewing under all rights reserved copyright but intended for educational use (Continuous Learning Collections ONLY)

    Resources ARE NOT commercial materials and DO NOT require a log in

    Material Type

    Resource must be ONE of the following:

    • Lesson/unit/full course (not a stand-alone activity)
    • Professional learning resource
    • Learning guidance/strategy document (e.g. annotated weblink)

    Resources ARE NOT links to a large comprehensive site of resources that require teachers to perform an additional search for materials.


    • Explicitly addresses one or more grade level Washington Learning Standards, development guidelines, or benchmarks.
    • Includes clear learning objectives and goals
    • Displays accurate and relevant content
    • Supports sound teaching practice
    • Cultivates student interest and engagement
    • Provides developmentally and culturally appropriate content, free of bias or stereotyping
    • Incorporates user-friendly design and easily obtainable resources
    • Works well in a remote or blended learning environment - recommended, not required
    • Integrates multiple subject areas - recommended, not required

    Working Group Only

    • Meets stated grant requirements for developed content – if applicable
    • Meets any additional discipline-specific criteria added by your working group administrator

    How do resources receive the endorsement badge?

    Only OSPI content/discipline leads or their designee may apply this badge. To receive the badge, the resource must meet ALL the criteria below:

    • Meets the Working Group/Learning Collection Permitted Use and Material Type requirements above
    • Resource reviewed using one of these rubrics:
    • Piloted or recommended by a WA state fellow or cadre member or ESD/OSPI content lead
    • Meets ADA compliant requirements
    • Meets any discipline specific review tool identified by your content area lead/working group administrator

    Additional Rubrics for Quality Review

    Washington Quality Review Rubric for Social Studies Lessons & Units (short form)
    Washington Quality Review Rubric for Lessons & Units (Washington OER Hub Quality Review Rubric)
    Washington Screening for Biased Content in Instructional Materials
    Check with your group administrator for any discipline specific review tool your team will be using to review content.

    Additional Information for Resource Developers

    OER Development Tools and Guidance | OSPI – Washington OER Hub

    Open Licensing Checklist | OSPI OER Project

    Annotated Website Link Template | OSPI OER Project

    A Brief Copyright Primer | Creative Commons USA

    Washington Learning Standards | OSPI

    Attribution and License


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