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11th Grade Resume Writing and Mock Interview

11th Grade Resume Writing and Mock Interview


Middle and High School educators across Lebanon County, Pennsylvania developed lesson plans to integrate the Pennsylvania Career Education and Work Standards with the content they teach. This work was made possible through a partnership between the South Central PA Workforce Investment Board (SCPa Works) and Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 (IU13) and was funded by a Teacher in the Workplace Grant Award from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. This lesson plan was developed by one of the talented educators who participated in this project during the 2019-2020 school year.

Title of Lesson: 11th Grade Resume Writing and Mock Interview

Course Name: Counseling

Grade Level: 11

Author’s Name: Elizabeth Kline

Author’s School District: Northern Lebanon


ASCA Academic Standards for School Counseling

C:A2.6 - Learn how to write a resume

C:C1.1 - Understand the relationship between educational achievement and career success

PS:A2.6 - Use effective communications skills

PA Academic Standards for Career Education and Work

13.1 Career Awareness and Preparation

13.1.11 H - Review personal high school plan against current personal career goals and select postsecondary opportunities based upon personal career interests

13.2: Career Acquisition (Getting a Job)

13.2.11 A - Apply effective speaking and listening skills used in a job interview.

13.2.11 C - Develop and assemble, for career portfolio placement, career acquisition documents, such as, but not limited to:  

  • Job application
  • Letter of appreciation following an interview
  • Letter of introduction
  • Postsecondary education/training applications
  • Request for letter of recommendation
  • Resume
Learning Objectives
  • Students will write a concise and accurate resume that they can use in future career acquisition
  • They will evaluate their experiences both inside and outside school and include relevant experiences on their resume
  • Students will utilize effective speaking and listening skills by participating in a mock interview
Conceptual Background

Brief background knowledge on how to effectively write a resume prior to teaching this lesson will be beneficial. Since the students will be utilizing a web based resume writing tool, familiarity with and the resume writing tool, Resume Builder will also make the lesson delivery smoother and more effective.

It will be important to identify other staff members or individuals who can act as employers for the mock interview.  

Instructional Procedure
Day 1
PacingInstructional Procedure
10 minsIntroduction to and the different tools available to them. Have all students create personal login accounts if they have not previously done so.
20 minsUse Resume Builder tool to create an accurate and concise resume based on personal work and academic experience
5 minShare your resume with a partner to give and get feedback.
7 minsIntroduce the mock interview portion of the lesson. Discuss:
  • Format
  • Dress
  • What to bring
  • What to expect
  • Ways they can prepare appropriately
Day 2
PacingInstructional Procedure
42 minsConduct mock interviews over the course of the 42 minute period. Students will rotate to stations where staff, outside agency resources and students will act as employers and ask a variety of interview questions. Students will present themselves in a manner consistent with an actual interview including presenting a completed resume to the employer.
Formative Assessment
In addition to students presenting a completed resume, they will write a reflection on the interview process focusing on what they found challenging.
Materials Needed

Projector website

Student laptops

Pennsylvania CareerZone. (n.d.) Retrieved March 3, 2020, from