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    Text Structure - Compare and Contrast

    Text Structure - Compare and Contrast


    This lesson can be used to provide an example of the compare and contrast text structure.  It also give students the chance to compare and contrast using a venn diagram after reading an expository text. 

    Venn Diagram - Compare and Contrast Natural Processes

    Use this lesson after reading "A World of Change" to identify the compare/contrast text structure, and to practice using a Venn Diagram

    Brian-Based Lesson

    Lesson Objectives:
    • Students will compare and contrast natural processes by researching in partners in order to further understanding of text structures.
    Grade: 4Time frame: 20-30 MinsLesson Title: Text Structures: Compare and Contrast
    Brain-based Strategies Used in the Lesson: -Multiple modes of Presentation (book in front of students also read to students) (visual and auditory)-Collaboration with other students- Graphic Organizers- Review of skills from previous unitsFormative or Summative Assessments:Formative: Teacher observation of group sharingSummative:  Venn Diagram Exit Ticket
    Prior to this lesson: What understanding and/or knowledge was taught prior? Where does this lesson fit in your unit?This lesson is in the middle of a 5 week unit on text structures.  Students had previously learned what is a text structure and explored the problem and solution text structure. The day previous to this lesson, the class would have discussed and explored various natural disasters, then read “A World of Change” together.
    Materials: Include a copy of everything required to teach. Use hyperlinks when possible. You may add additional pages to the bottom of this lesson plan also. Include the assignment that students will be completing.Technology materials: (hardware, websites, video links,etc.)
    Content Core Standard: (List the standard(s) and then hyperlink it to the standards website.RI3 Explain events, procedures, ideas, or concepts in a historical, scientific, or technical text, including what happened and why, based on specific information in the textRI5 Describe the overall structure (e.g., chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution) of events, ideas, concepts, or information in a text or part of a textMD College and Career Ready Framework
    Technology used: -Flocabulary-Google Slides (if virtual)
    TimeMaterialsLesson Procedures(Include the materials & technology.)
    5MinsPaper pencilIntro activity to activate schema (background information)/Warm-up/or Bell-ringer What would you rather have for lunch, pizza or walking tacos? Why is your choice the better choice?
    5 Mins.Teacher computer/projectorChart paperIntroduce New Information: (Teaching)Flocabulary - Compare and ContrastUse chart paper to draw a blank Venn Diagram and label the outside as differences and the inside as similarities (a review from third grade).
    10 MinsVenn diagramHands-on Activity Steps: (Prepare ways for students to practice the new information.)-Split students into partners-Each partner reviews a section of the text (either fast or slow natural processes) and takes notes -Students compare notes using a Venn Diagram.  Anything that was different about the two goes on the outside of the Venn Diagram, similarities go on the inside
    5 Mins. Feedback: (How will the students provide feedback?) Group activity? Instructor feedback?Student groups will share their Venn Diagrams with another set of partners.  They may add to their Venn Diagrams if anything is missing.  Teacher will be circulating room and checking groups
    Homework or in-class assignmentAssessment(s): (assignments and/or activities)
    • Exit Ticket: Students will be given a blank Venn Diagram and asked to compare Volcanic activity to erosion (may use book)



    Remember to include all the materials necessary to teach the lesson. You can add them by pasting them below or providing links to them.