Rachael Haverstick, Kathaleen Lilley
Career and Technical Education
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    Education Standards

    Interviewing for a Job

    Interviewing for a Job


    Middle and High School educators across Lebanon County, Pennsylvania developed lesson plans to integrate the Pennsylvania Career Education and Work Standards with the content they teach. This work was made possible through a partnership between the South Central PA Workforce Investment Board (SCPa Works) and Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 (IU13) and was funded by a Teacher in the Workplace Grant Award from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. This lesson plan was developed by one of the talented educators who participated in this project during the 2019-2020 school year.

    Title of Lesson: Interviewing for a Job

    Course Name: Family Consumer Science

    Grade Level: 10th

    Author’s Name: Kathaleen Lilley

    Author’s School District: Cornwall Lebanon


    PA Academic Standards for Family Consumer Science
    11.2: Balancing Family, Work, and Community Responsibility
    11.2.9.A - Solve dilemmas using a practical reasoning approach
    • Identify situation
    • Identify reliable information
    • List choices and examine the consequences of each
    • Develop a plan of action
    • Draw conclusions
    • Reflect on decisions
    PA Academic Standards for Career Education and Work

    13.2: Career Acquisition (Getting a Job)

    13.2.11.A  - Apply effective speaking and listening skills used in a job interview.

    Learning Objectives
    Student will be able to:
    • Determine how to dress for a job interview.
    • Identify items to take along to an interview.
    • Prevent common interviewing mistakes.
    • Evaluate the results of a mock interview.
    Conceptual Background
    Teachers would need to be familiar with
    Instructional Procedure
    PacingInstructional Procedure
    DAY 1
    5 minutesActivator – Brainstorm answers to “What things do I need to know about interviewing for a job?”
    15 minutesShare PowerPoint on Interviewing Skills
    10 minutesDiscuss important issues associated with a job interview: appropriate dress, things to bring along to, first impressions, and what not to do in an interview.
    DAY 2
    5 minutesReview important issues associated with a job interview from yesterday.
    15 minutesObserve a mock interview (video options in materials section). Take notes as the interview is happening to determine what the interviewee is doing correctly and incorrectly.
    10 minutesComplete the Mock Interview Evaluation Form. These forms will be collected and graded.
    Formative Assessment
    Teacher will review the student responses on the Mock Interview Evaluation and evaluate responses to determine if students have understood the important Dos and Don’ts of job interviewing.
    Materials Needed

    Mock Interview Evaluation Form

    Teen job interviews – no work experience – Tell me about yourself. (2:33)

    Teen job Interviews with no work experience – 1st job interview.  Why should we hire you? (2:06)

    Job Interview – Millennial

    Kahoot~Interview/Resume questions (18)

    Interviewing Skills PowerPoint