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Lesson Plan Submission Guidelines - State of Innovation Challenge

Lesson Plan Submission Guidelines - State of Innovation Challenge


For OSPI content area teams or their collaborating educators. This guidance is for curating resources to include on the Washington OER Hub in the Continuous Learning Collections.

State of Innovation Challenge:
Requirements for Lesson/Activity Plan Uploads 

  • In order to freely share developed resources with all educators, open licensing is a requirement for submission to the State of Innovation challenge. The suggested license is: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 or Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

  • All participating educators must attend the OER Basics and Submitting Resources to the Washington OER Hub training session (or listen to an archived recording).
  • All resources must be submitted to State of Innovation Challenge group on the Washington OER Hub. Prior to submission, confirm all items on the Open Licensing Checklist.
  • Please include your name, school or program, and email address at the top of the lesson plan.
  • Please indicate clearly in the lesson plan the grade-level or program the lesson is focused on (e.g. "6th-grade"; "4-H"; "11th-grade"; "DECA Chapter," etc.) 

What Types of Resources Should I Include?

Resources ARE:

Resources are NOT:

Lessons designed for educational use with clear learning objectives and goals. They are:

  • aligned to Washington Learning Standards and connect to CTE pathways
  • accurate and relevant
  • developmentally appropriate
  • designed to support sound teaching practice and culturally relevant instruction
  • Commercial materials, materials requiring a log in, or copyright restricted materials
  • Links to large comprehensive sites of resources that require teachers to perform an additional search for materials.
  • Created for middle school, high school, or out of school youth programs
  • Created for elementary school students 
  • Individual activity, lesson, or unit plans that connect the Challenge Cases and Problem Solving Prompts to classroom teaching 


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