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Middle School, High School
  • Evasion Games
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    American Gladiator (Evasion Game)


    Fun Evasion game with students giving them the opportunity to use spacial awareness, evasion tactics, cardio exercise, and teamwork in a fast and fun paced game

    Evasion Game

    Please Modify for your gym and equimpent as needed.

    you can also adapt for students with disabillities to be medics or coaches to encourage more engagement.



    • Each team Must collect as many Coins (Tennis Balls) as possible in the 3 Minute Time frame
    • opposing teams will try to strike the scavengers with soft foam balls to send them back to the starting point
    • Set-up
      • Have different Objects set up arouund the gym that the studetns can use to help Hide, or use as Cover from the "cannons"
      • Have scavengers placed at one end of the court and the Galdiators placed at the opposite end
      • Place tennis balls in various locations around the gym for the scavengers to retrieve.
      • If struck with a ball, the scavenger must return the coin and go back to the start line and perrform a Fitness activity of your choosing before continuing on to get the coins.
    • Gladiators that arent actcing as "cannons" will help to retieve balls and return them to the cannons so that they can continue to fire at the scavengers
    • After each team has had the oppurtuunity to try and score coins then add up the totals and return all equipment to their respective starting points.