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    DebtSlapped - Website Guidance

    DebtSlapped  - Website Guidance


    This website guidance document describes the Debt Slapped project, produced by Consumer Education and Training Services. Debt Slapped provides videos and helpful resource links to help people smartly finance their education. 


    Debt Slapped | Consumer Education and Training Services

    Debtslapped Website

    don't get debt slappedThis Debtslapped project was produced by CENTS (Consumer Education and Training Services), a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching people how to make informed financial decisions. Educators will find the video series Debtslapped as well as many linked guidance sites helping navigate decisions regarding college financing and spending issues.

    Video Series

    Watch these short segments (1-3 minutes) independently or view the entire series.

    DEBTSLAPPED - Intro (Part 1 of 20) | Consumer Education and Training Services

    Attribution and License


    These videos are copyright Debtslapped. All Rights Reserved. They are available for free public viewing via YouTube. Downloading additional classroom materials requires a password. Contact Debtslapped


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