Learn what it takes to get milk from the farm to your table on real Washington dairy farms. It takes serious dedication to keep cows healthy and comfortable while preserving the planet—see everything that goes into producing dairy in Washington’s own backyard with this interactive lesson plan by the Washington Dairy Council for grades 6-8. 
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Virtual Farm Tour and Lesson Plan with Dairy Farmers of Washington
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Joanna Schimizzi on Nov 04, 08:19pm

Does this source present Whiteness as the sole perspective, standard or norm?

Yes - whether intentionally or unintentionally - all of the videos and images used in this resource feature white farmers, veterinarians, nutritionists and others. There are no people of color featured and there are not any efforts made to show how the dairy industry is accessible to people of color.

Does this source present able-bodied, neurotypical people as the sole perspective, standard or norm?

Yes - whether intentionally or unintentionally - all of the images and videos in this resource features only able-bodied, neurotypical people. This is especially disappointing given the momentous contributions of Dr. Temple Grandin - who has attributed her autism to being able to imagine and produce impactful changes to how cows are handled and treated humanely. (https://www.grandin.com/references/new.corral.html)

The resource has great videos and endless connections to Human impact on the environment, ethical treatment of animals, nutrition and economics. This resource would be a wonderful anchor for a cross-content unit, but it needs to include some questions around criticality of ethics and why different historically marginalized identities are not included in many farming industries.



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