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    State We're In: Washington - Teacher Guide

    State We're In: Washington - Teacher Guide


    These Teacher Guides were created by Washington educators to accompany the League of Women Voters of Washington's book The State We're In: Washington - Your guide to state, tribal and local government.

    Each chapter guide is  aligned with Washington Social Studies Learning Standards and includes a launch activity, focused notes, text-dependent questions, and an inquiry lesson developed using the C3 Framework

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    Washington tribe members fishing .  Today's Democracy .  Creating Government.   Century of Change

    Governing Today  . Tribal Governments  . Local Government .  Civics and Nature

    What's Next.   Good Citizen .  all chapters


    Overview of Textbook and Teacher Guide

    overview of textbook and teacher guide



      Watch the State We're In: Overview of
       Textbook and Teacher Guide
    by Leslie
       Heffernan, Central Valley School District



    Attribution and License


    Teacher’s Guides for The State We’re In Washington were developed by expert social studies educators from across the state. This resource would not be possible without their efforts.

    Callie Birklid, Nisqually Middle School, North Thurston Public Schools, Lacey
    Leslie Heffernan, High School History Teacher, Central Valley School District; Spokane area

    Amy Ripley, Lincoln Middle School, Pullman School District
    Nicole Snyder, Student Teacher, Lincoln Middle School, Pullman School District
    Ryan Theodoriches, Social Studies and World Languages Specialist; EvergreenPublic Schools, Vancouver
    Melissa Webster, AP Government and Politics, American Government, CascadeHigh School, Everett

    The downloadable digital version of The State We're In: Washington. Your guide to state, tribal and local government by Jill Severn for the League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International License. Print copies of The State We’re In: Washington, may be purchased from the League of Women Voters of Washington website.


    • Chapter 1: Resource image cover courtesy Governor’s Mansion Foundation. Indians Fishing at The Dalles,” 1854, from a report published with the results of a railroad survey for the Northern Pacific Railroad
    • Chapter 2: Branches of government by in public domain
    • Chapter 3: Telegram announcing Washington’s statehood from Washington State Archives used pursuant to fair use
    • Chapter 4: Plane image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay 
    • Chapter 5 image: Olympia capitol building by David Mark from Pixabay 
    • Chapter 6 image: Map of federally recognized tribes in Washington State courtesy of Washington Tribes.
    • Chapter 7:
    • Chapter 8: Leavenworth, WA area cover image by Don White from Pixabay 
    • Chapter 9: Questions by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 
    • Chapter 10: Passports by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 



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