Identifying Media Bias in News Sources for Middle School


  • This unit can be tailored to fit any content area, topic, or grade level. For this unit you will need to select at least three news articles on the same topic from three different news sources to give to your students. It would be best to find one news source from the left, right, and center points of view. Included is a link to the University of Michigan Library resource “News Sources on the Political Spectrum” which provides guidance and additional resources for finding a spectrum of sources and opinions. Also included, are two charts showing where many common news sources fall on the spectrum of media bias (Media Bias Chart 7.0, AllSides Media Bias Chart

    • Extension Option: Have your students select their own sources.

  • For this unit, using the first article, work through steps one, two, and three together as a class (I do/We do). For the second article students will complete those same three steps in groups (We do/You do). For the third article, students will complete the same three steps independently (You do).