Identifying Media Bias in News Sources for Middle School



How to Preview Media Sources


  • Student Objectives:

    • Students will learn how to set a PURPOSE before consuming news sources , so that they know why they are consuming. (In this lesson, it’s looking for media bias.)

    • Students will learn to engage PRIOR KNOWLEDGE. (What do students already know about the news topic?)

    • Students will learn to SKIM for date (timeliness), source (credibility) and author’s intent (to inform, or persuade, or entertain).

    • Students should SCAN briefly for loaded words and photo first impressions that set a tone.


  • Process:

    • Select a source that shows bias. (It is suggested to start with either the left or right so the bias is more visible and easier to discern). We will call this Article 1.

    • Walk students through how to preview a source (Article 1) using the "How to Preview Media Worksheet."