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    25 Things about the Sacraments

    25 Things about the Sacraments


    This lesson will allow students to select and share what details are important on a topic.  Groups of students will research a topic and then discuss and determine the top 25 important things someone should know about the topic.

    Lesson Objectives


      Students will be able to:

      • Utilize their research skills to determine key facts about the Sacraments.
      • Provide evidence on why they selected their key facts.
      • Verbalize through a presentation the most important facts as part of a learning activity.


      In the real-world, students are surrounded by different types of information.  21st century learners must be able explore various resources and filter out what information is most relevant.  This activity will allow participants to share what details are important about the sacraments.

      • Divide the students into groups.
      • Have participants in each group use their prior knowledge, their textbook, or tthe POWER Library resources to research the sacraments.
      • Each group member will develop a list of "Things You Didn't Know" about the assigned topic.  The students can use post-it notes, note cards, large sheets of paper with markers, or digital notetaking programs to record their list.
      • When all group members have completed their list, each member will share his/her five facts with the other group members.  Group members need to provide evidence as to why the selected fact was important to know.
      • As a group, members will determine what facts should be included and recorded on the "25 Things You Didn't Know" handout.
      • Groups will complete the "25 Things You Didn't Know" handout so it can be shared with the other students.
      • When all groups have finished, each group should present their topic as a learning activity.



      This activity will be assessed on each groups presentation using a rubric.