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    Effect of Covid-19 on Education And Teachers

    Effect of Covid-19 on Education And Teachers


    In this article we describe and highlight the main problems and Suggestion regarding the education system due to Covid-19.

    Effect of Covid-19 on education and teachers:

    Effect of Covid-19 on education and teachers:

    Teacher training and continued, on-going relevant professional development is essential if benefits from investments in ICTs are to be maximized. In development country like our due to covid-19 we face very difficulties regarding education. Due to lockdown we have to stop our education system. No one knows what to do? How to do?  In all the crises we see hope in the form of ICT. But there is a problem, in the past we use ICT but not in effective way, due to this we don’t have trained teachers, or tools like Internet access, devices so we can continue our education system. All of the sudden it is a great change that changed our daily life. Its changed our way of thinking that helps us to realize that the education is not face to face learning it is more than that. We can use the technology and overcome this situation, when we see back it’s not an easy task in the start we face some problems some difficulties but the passage of time, hard work and courage to learn we overcome this problem. Now we have trained teacher that can transfer the knowledge through ICT.


    Following are some impact of ICT on teachers due to Covid-19.


    1. Lack of training

    ICT is not any easy task we need some background some knowledge about computer but all sadden we have to switch our face to face program to online platform like Google Meet, Moodle, Zoom, Big Blue Button etc. when we take this step its change every in education. In this entire scenario one thing is common that we don’t have trained teacher that can transfer education through ICT. One of the main reason is that our majority of teacher not interested in technology like mobile, computer etc., and they don’t want to use it they prefer traditional method. But when we transfer our education system to online they don’t have any choice so they have to learn it.   With the passage of time and our hard work we overcome this problem. Now they realized that online study is much simple and effective and every one can access through internet, they don’t have to ready for school, bring books, and other study martial. Everything is available in just one click. They feel very comfort both teachers and students.


    2. Course content

    When we switch our education system to online with the help of ICT we face some difficulties regarding course because in face to face learning we monitor our student’s behavior, interest, routine health. But in online study our previous education content is not very effective, we can say that our curriculum is not design for online study, if we use this previous course and curriculum we can’t overcome this problem. Its 21th century we have to evolve we have to change for our future generation so they can achieved their goals. As a teacher we can’t tolerance any difficulties regarding our education system we have to overcome for the sake of student’s future. We must transform our education system so we can relay our information our knowledge in much better way


    3. Lack of education material

    In our county we have lack of education material regarding online study. In the start due to lack of education resources teacher have to create slides and other material that takes plenty of time. We have to promote OER (Open Education Resource) because education not someone personal domain it has to be free so everyone in this world can access it and take advantage. Our society need awareness and need about OER (Open Education Resource), we have to promote that if we reuse the education material we save time, money and effort and also improve the quality of material.


    4. Availably of Internet

    This is most important part in online education. Because when we don’t have internet access we can’t communicate with each other. Availability of internet in our country in not good most of the population not has access to stable and affordable internet. Due to this most of the students can’t take online classes and online workshops. All governments and private sector should corporate each other so we can solve this problem. Education is for everyone that’s the slogan of Open Education Resource (OER). We can’t achieve this unless we all have access of stable and affordable internet connectivity.


    5. Assessment

    Let’s say we have internet, we communicate, we study very hard, we follow every rules and regulation regarding online education but the main part of this entire education is how we can assess the students. We use different methods like online paper, but deep down we all know that online paper is not effective way. It’s time we have to evolve our education system we have to update our curriculum. With the help of this we can tech our students in better way. If we achieve our goal so we can assess our student’s better way.