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  • Diverse Learning Styles
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  • inclusivemag
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    Activity: Cognitive Styles Reflection (Team/Project)

    Activity: Cognitive Styles Reflection (Team/Project)


    What cognitive styles do you use to interact with technology? PRE-REQ: LAST UPDATE: Changed title

    Reflection: Which cognitive styles and personas do you identify with?


    1. For each of the five facets, where on the spectrum is your facet value?


    2. How are you like Abi? (1+ sentence)


    3. How are you like Tim? (1+ sentence)


    4. Which personas do you most identify with?


    5. Give a specific example of when you have switched to being more like a different persona. (1+ sentence)


    6. How might your cognitive styles affect how you interact in a team? (1+ sentence)


    7. How might your cognitive styles affect how you manage a project? (1+ sentence)

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