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    ANTH 1130 Resources for use with Explorations

    ANTH 1130 Resources for use with Explorations


    Modified-accessible documents to accompany the text Explorations: An Open Invitation to Biological Anthropology by Beth Shook, Katie Nelson, and Kelsie Aguilera

    Files include:

    • accessible versions of the lab assignments in HTML format, with student worksheets as a separate document
    • original PDF copies of the textbook, with the addition of accessible HTML versions of the preface and appendices
    • accessible PowerPoint slides 

    ANTH 1130


      Download the attached zip file and install the website on a server or in your LMS course section.

      To place HTML website content in Brightspace:

      1. Create an appropriate folder structure in Manage Files. This location is where files will be uploaded and unzipped. Each resource (website) should have a descriptively named independent folder.

      2. Navigate to the appropriate folder and Upload the zip file.

      3. Unzip the folder by clicking the pull-down arrow, and clicking Unzip on the submenu. A content folder will appear. It contains two folders and two HTML files.

      4. Associate the index.html file to your Course Content topic. Perform this task in the Course Content area by clicking New and then clicking Add from Manage Files on the submenu. Next, navigate to the index.html file and Add the file.

      5. Click the pull-down arrow by the new web page topic (currently named index). Next, click Edit Properties In-place on the submenu and rename the link to be descriptive.

      6. Delete the extraneous zip file from the Manage Files folder.