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The Open for Antiracism (OFAR) Program – co-led by CCCOER and College of the Canyons – emerged as a response to the growing awareness of structural racism in our educational systems and the realization that adoption of open educational resources (OER) and open pedagogy could be transformative at institutions seeking to improve. The program is designed to give participants a workshop experience where they can better understand anti-racist teaching and how the use of OER and open pedagogy can empower them to involve students in the co-creation of an anti-racist classroom. The capstone project involves developing an action plan for incorporating OER and open pedagogy into a course being taught in the spring semester. OFAR participants are invited to remix this template to design and share their projects and plans for moving this work forward. 
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Open For Antiracism (OFAR) Template
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Andreas Bazos on Jun 23, 05:24pm

This is a full OER Calculus 1 course, that uses Lecture Notes with Video Solutions, Links to the OpenStax book, MyOpenMath assignments, and worksheets, where the students will be requires to Teach the instructor a problem through a video recording software called GoReact. The Teach Me Videos that my students made for me are the biggest anti-racist part of this course as I am getting to know each and everyone of my students and their mathematical abilities as much as I can.

This to note:
1. The anti-racist assignment that I created is at the end of Module 13.
2. The syllabus is all of module 0, the reason I did this is so I have a living syllabus that I can change and add to with in Canvas.
3. The Teach Me Videos work very well, and you can even get your students to redo them to some of the missed points back. The Create Your Own Teach Me Videos did not work as well as I wanted but that was because I didn't control this enough.
4. Here is a link to my reflection piece: Topic:

5. Here is a link to my Canvas Commons Class:



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