During this course, participants will learn how to center investigations of local scientific phenomena in a Next Generation Science Standards storyline. Course educators will offer instructional strategies and climate and community data to help teachers connect to the interests and identities of students and support understanding of the impacts of climate change. In collaboration with fellow teachers, participants will imagine possibilities for this kind of teaching and learning in their own classrooms through brainstorming possible phenomenon-based storylines local to their own students.
Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Education, Life Science, Physical Science
Middle School, Adult Education
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Washington OSPI OER Project on May 07, 09:11pm

This is a thorough, engaging, and pertinent Professional Learning Experience. The Ppt is very supportive of the facilitator and the plan document provides timing and a script. The materials and resources are easily accessible and clear to use. All links work. This Professional Learning Experience will deepen participants’ understanding of standards and how they work intrinsically with phenomena and environmental based science issues. To strengthen provide a bit more guidance for future facilitators such as “on slide 12 ask participants to have their data table ready…” or “check in with each breakout room and facilitate discussion with open ended questions as needed”. This would help others understand the flow of the presentation.



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