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    Education Standards

    Washington State Social Emotional Learning Standards and PE

    Washington State Social Emotional Learning Standards and PE


    These resources from Mount Vernon School District educators provide lessons that integrate Washington's Social Emotional Learning and Physical Education learning standards along with educator guidance and teaching strategies.


    PHYSICAL EDUCATION provides an authentic learning environment, rich with plentiful opportunities for making significant connections and internalizing the knowledge and skills students need for success in life.

    SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING goes hand in hand with Physical Education. PE provides a natural fit for infusing intentional learning opportunities that support kids in the gym classroom and beyond!

    Research shows there are many short term and long term benefits of PE that intersect with SEL:

    • Improved academic success
    • Improved attitude and behavior
    • Improved mental and emotional health
    • Improved competence and confidence
    • Improved future outcomes regarding economic mobility and employment
    • associated with less drug use/abuse and criminal activity



    What is SEL in PE? (PowerPoint presentation for teachers)

    Lessons and Teacher Strategies/Guidance for each SEL Standard (choose from menu)

    Additional Lessons for integrating SEL and PE (perserverance, empathy, patience)

    Self Care and Stress Management (PowerPoint presentation for teachers)

    Self Care and Stress Management (PowerPoint presentation for students)

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    Elementary PE Teachers in Mount Vernon, Washington adapted and created instructional materials for teachers and students.
    With adaptations, we encourage the use of these resources in PE classes at all levels, K-12

    Please download the resources below, adapt for your setting, and share!




    SEL in PE Standards Menu

    Select one of the images below to link to a file with resources for each SEL standard.

    SEL Standard 1.SEL Standard 2.SEL Standard 3

    SEL Standard 4.SEL Standard 5.SEL Standard 6

    Additional Student Lessons

    These lessons by Kara Buckalew, NBCT from Mount Vernon School District, integrate Washington Social Emotional Learning and Physical Education Learning Standards.

    • SEL in PE: Teaching Perseverance with the Hot Lava Challenge
    • SEL in PE: Teaching Empathy with Minefield
    • Sel in PE: Teaching Patience with Balance Postures

    Self Care for Teachers and Students

    If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t help others.  In order to help our students tend to their Social and Emotional health, we must first tend to our own.

    This will not give you extra hours in the day, but it provides gentle reminders of some ways you can reduce stress (help maximize your time), do good things for yourself, and add joy to your life. It is important to make time and intentionally focus on doing these things, not only during a pandemic, but always.

    I hope this is helpful to you, and I hope it reminds you that you are cared for. Best wishes for improved peacefulness, happiness, health and quality of life!

    Below is a link to a Self-Care and Stress Management presentation for teachers as well as an adapted version for students.

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